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Vocations Awareness

Actively promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life - sponsoring programs and prayers that encourage vocations to our parish and raise funds to assist in the training of seminarians and those entering religious life.

Seminarian Biographies

Nicolaus Thai

Nicolaus Thai was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1984, where he lived until he came to the United States in 2001. During these years in Saigon, Nicolaus received the Sacraments of Initiation and was instructed in the matters of faith. He became an altar server and joined the Eucharistic Youth at his home parish. These experiences instilled in Nicolaus a deep love for the Church and the deeper respect for the priesthood, especially the priests whom he came to know.
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Martin Vu

Martin was born the first of three children into a safe, comfortable, and prayerful family. The only real demand made of him during his adolescent years was to get straight A’s in school. In college, this high intellectual expectation and the resulting stress led him to have recourse to unhealthy outlets, and as a result, he slowly began to distance himself from anything to do with faith.

It was his idea of freedom--an escape from the demands of the Church, the demands of society, the demands of family. To a certain extent, he got what he was looking for. But what he did not expect to come with this was a lingering sense of dread and anxiety about life. He is thankful to God that these feelings stayed with him, because they unconsciously told him that something was wrong. Click here to read more.

Nam Doan

My vocation story begins with the grace that God poured upon me throughout my life. I was born in Vietnam in 1985. God put in my heart a desire to dedicate my life to serve Him and His people. It began with the desire to serve mass at the altar. At the age of eleven, I was admitted to be an altar server in my parish church. It was the most joyous day of my life. Slowly and strongly, I fell in love with altar serving. I would show up at daily mass just to be called to serve. However, the opportunity to serve was not as often as I had hoped, and many times, I left disappointed. The initial desire to be an altar server cultivated in my heart a strong desire for a life of service to God and His Church. My model at the time was my parish priest. By seeing him living a faithful life of complete dedication to God and his people, my desire to live the same kind of life began to form.
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