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Holy Spirit Catholic Church
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Dear Holy Spirit Church Family,

This July 1st, marks my one year anniversary at this wonderful Parish. Over the year, I have learned the joys and challenges of being an Administrator. I’m truly humbled by the opportunity to serve our Lord through YOU! I would like to take this time to share the status of our ongoing projects.

1. Our Lady of Grace Pastoral Center: The Capital Campaign Side: As of June 19th, our Parishioners have pledged $2,165K or 54% of the $4 million goal. We have collected $1,355K. Per Diocesan request, we cannot begin construction until we have 75% of the $4 million projected amount in hand, this means we will need $3 million by the summer of 2019. The Construction Side: The Diocese has approved our floor plan followed by the City of Fountain Valley approval of our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) on June 13. The Diocesan Construction Committee agreed on the lay-out of the multi-purpose room, the landscape between the Church Building and the New Pastoral Center. Please note that the Parish Hall will continue to be called Doyle Hall. The entire building that will house the 9 classrooms, Doyle Hall, the multi-purpose room, etc...will be named Our Lady of Grace Pastoral Center.

2. PSA (Pastoral Services Appeal): Our Diocesan goal is $144,000 and we have pledged $174,731 with 438 donors as of May 31. Of the pledged amount, the Diocese has collected $137,790. Every gift makes a difference for us and the Diocese. Once our payment goal has been met, the roll over amount will be gifted back to the Parish for our Capital Campaign.

3. Dine-Out Program: We have tapped into the generosity of our local restaurants to have our Dine Out events. We, the priests, hope to see you and your family outside of the Church setting. A Dine-Out is a perfect occasion and opportunity for us to meet and eat while raising funds for our Parish. Dickey’s Barbeque hosted us in May and we received $2,000; Super Mex which on June 13th raised over $500. In July, we will be at Applebee’s. So we will see you there!

4. 2018 Feast Day Celebration: Our Pentecost Celebration raised $47,900. We are truly blessed by the dedication and commitment of everyone who made this event an annual success. May God bless you all.

5. Faith Formation: With the help of Sister Annuncia Thu Mai, we implemented the Christ Centered Catholic Couples to help married couples. The first event, “Valentine Day with the Lord” was very successful. The Saint Peregrine Prayer Group was started to support those with cancer and serious illnesses and also their caregivers. This summer, our children will attend the upcoming Vacation Bible School.

6. Facility: We added and extended hand-rails at the main entrance of the Church to ensure safety. We removed the grass area allowing extra space for multi-ministries to use without stopping the flow of traffic. We redesigned the Church sign on Ward Street.

Finally, if I have upset you during this past year, please forgive me! Pray for me that I do what is pleasing to God and the good for our Parish Family. Please share any suggestions you may have with me at

In Christ Jesus, Rev. Joseph Thuong Tran


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17270 Ward Street
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